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Hidden Costs of 401(k) Plans

Got a 401(k) plan? Great! But do you know how much you are paying in fees? (Hint: It's not easy for most people to find out exactly how much they are paying, which is why you need an advisor with fiduciary who won't sell you another product(s) with high fees) Read this New York Times…
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This video can save you $$$

Watch what John Oliver (HBO's Last Week Tonight) says about retirement plans. He points out the problems associated with retirement savings, especially high fees on 401k plans and non-fiduciary advisors, which most people don't know/think about. As he said in the show, "As a favor to your future self, it's worth watching this" This 20…
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How to Find an Honest Financial Adviser

(Article by Walter Updegrave on My husband and I would like to retire in the next few years. We have substantial savings, but we're still not sure whether we'll have enough to live on. Where can we find an adviser who can sit down with us, advise us but not give us a sales…
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