Employee Seminar

Show your employees that you care about their financial well-being!
Our #1 goal is to educate people of ways to save on taxes and fees on financial services and products, as they can greatly affect one's asset accumulation.
We provide seminars to organizations on following subjects:

  • Retirement planning
    • How to maximize tax savings
    • How much to save for retirement
    • Understanding an employer plan and costs (Not all plans are created equal)
    • What to do if an employer sponsored plan is not offered
  • Understanding securities products (stocks, mutual funds, bonds, ETFs, options...)
  • True costs of financial services and products
  • How to know if a financial advisor is working for YOU, not him/herself?
  • Understanding insurance and how to shop for what you need
  • Debt management
  • Ways to save money without changing your life style
  • Any other personal finance related issues/questions

Your employees will greatly appreciate it!